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The Origin

The Microlending Film Project was conceived as a passion project by Futures Trader turned Director/Producer Rachel Cook after she read a Nicholas Kristof op-ed in The New York Times late one night at a Chicago trading desk.  The article was about how empowering women in the developing world with tools like microfinance can bring about positive, sustainable change (Saving the World's Women).


 The project has been undertaken with the best interests of poor women at heart, as the film seeks to show a balanced, comprehensive picture of microfinance through the lens of the personal stories of the women it impacts. The issue of transparency and its paramount importance to the industry is a key focus, as is showcasing best-practices and suggesting how microfinance can most effectively be used as one development tool in a larger box, both domestically and abroad, specifically in terms of the opportunities mobile banking and crowdsourcing promise.


The Project

The Microlending Film Project tells the stories of citizens around the world who are mothers, wives, daughters - and entrepreneurs.  Armed with microloans invested in increments as small as $25, we follow these women as they launch their own businesses, working to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.  We chronicle the positive effects of microfinance, and explore the impact on a woman's life when microlending falls short of its promise.

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